Community Relations

Minara has a comprehensive community relations strategy encompassing strong relationships that have been fostered over many years. Minara generously donates to the local community and assists in fundraising activities and local training and development programs.

Minara considers strong community relations vital to the long term operational and financial success of the company.  Minara also enhances this support through the Minara Community Foundation. 

In 2007 Minara established the Minara Community Foundation for the long-term benefit of people in the northern Goldfields region, and people in the wider communities impacted by its Murrin Murrin operations.  For more information on the Minara Community Foundation and community grants, go to our Minara Community Foundation page.

The company has provided long term and ongoing support to the Laverton-Leonora Cross Cultural Association, an association formed to address the high levels of Indigenous unemployment in the region.  The association aims to provide developmental training to individuals and improve relationships between Aboriginal communities and the mining industry.

Minara convenes Murrin Murrin Aboriginal Environmental Liaison Committee meetings every six months to provide local Indigenous representatives with an update on the company's operations and to provide a forum for them to raise any issues or concerns in regards to operations at Murrin Murrin.

In 2009 the company commenced providing scholarship assistance to Indigenous students from the northern Goldfields, increasing options for tertiary education.  Students are supported to attend boarding schools in Perth and as they transition to tertiary arrangements.  Four students have completed the program since 2009 and a further three students continue in the program.    

The company acknowledges that the majority of children living in the northern Goldfields region are schooled at local facilities and Minara continues to support these institutions through various initiatives.

 Minara Resources Community Involvement Policy