Minara strives to minimise the potential impacts that the company's activities have on the environment. Through effective management practices and training programs Minara is able to monitor and develop the company's environmental policy. Minara is committed to caring for the environment with stringent rehabilitation, water reduction and emission reduction programs.

Minara Resources Environmental Policy

Minara recognises that world-class environmental performance through  sustainable development is essential to its long term success.

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2008 Golden Gecko Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation

Water Conservation

Framework for Excellence in Rehabilitation

On 10 September 2008, Minara was presented with a Golden Gecko Award for outstanding environmental achievement at its Murrin Murrin Nickel Cobalt Project. 

Regarded as the State's most prestigious environmental excellence awards, the Golden Gecko Award recognises Minara for leading the way in waste landform rehabilitation.

Minara's innovative approach incorporated a new process with quality control measures at all stages of the rehabilitation process.

Minara's dedicated environmental team has identified five key components to successful rehabilitation practices:

  1. Planning
  2. Construction 
  3. Initial Performance
  4. Monitored Performance
  5. Sustainability

To date, Minara has realised the following benefits:

  • Quality control mechanisms throughout the entire rehabilitation process
  • Quantitative, objective and repeatable evaluation of rehabilitation
  • Credible records
  • Established ‘known' level of success
  • Early identification of requirements for remedial works
  • Continuity in monitoring and assessing success (regardless of staff changes)
  • An agreed set of criteria to support decisions made by the regulator
  • Significant improvements in the cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation


The Murrin Murrin Golden Gecko Team

 Back: Dr Rob Loch, Dr Grant Wells, Ray Gerrard, Peter Johnston, Linton O'Meara                                  Front:  Dr Grace Wells, Lisa Kiddell, Tim Stevens, Natalie Giuffre and Matt Stingemore

Water Conservation

Water management has always been a key environmental issue for Minara. During the period of drought currently being experienced across the country, Minara is heavily focused on water conservation techniques.

Minara's Water Management Committee focuses on strategic water management and planning issues. The Environment Team plays a key role on this committee, providing advice and ideas on water conservation opportunities across the site.

The use of recycled water wherever possible is the main strategy employed to reduce the consumption of water. There are various water recycling initiatives in place, including:

  • reusing effluent water from the reverse osmosis plant in the calcrete plant and also for dust suppression;
  • recycling evaporative pond liquor (EPL) for reuse in the tailings neutralisation circuit as a diluent and also as make-up wash water in the counter current decantation circuit;
  • recovering water from the tailing storage facilities (TSF) seepage recovery bores and pumping it into the EPL where it is also used in the recycling process mentioned above; and
  • investigating the use of grey water from the sewerage treatment plant to be used within the process and for dust suppression.

Minara's current primary focus is on dust suppression and reducing the amount of water used in this process. Trials are being carried out in relation to the use of amsul as a dust suppressant on haul roads. Amsul is a by-product of the plant and acts as a hardener for the haul roads, reducing emissions and water use.