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How we manage rehabilitation

Author: Minara | Date: 05/11/2019

We are located in the mulga region of Western Australia, this being the dominant vegetation type which is well represented across the region.

Our approach to rehabilitation incorporates quality control measures at all stages of the waste landform rehabilitation process. With this approach we identified a framework of key components to successful rehabilitation practice:

  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Initial Performance
  • Monitored Performance
  • Sustainability


To date, we have realised the following benefits:

  • Quality control mechanisms throughout the entire rehabilitation process
  • Quantitative, objective and repeatable evaluation of rehabilitation
  • Credible records
  • Established ‘known' level of success
  • Early identification of requirements for remedial works
  • Continuity in monitoring and assessing success (regardless of staff changes)
  • An agreed set of criteria to support decisions made by the regulator
  • Significant improvements in the cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation


The rehabilitation framework will inform progressive rehabilitation of disturbed areas throughout the life of mine, in accordance with regulatory requirements and our Mine Closure Plan.