Glencore’s governance framework encompasses our corporate Values, Code of Conduct and corporate and operational policies. It represents our commitment to uphold good business practices, to apply Glencore’s standards and policies to our activities and to meet or exceed applicable laws and external requirements.

Everyone working for Glencore, regardless of location, operation or role, must understand and comply with the Glencore Code of Conduct and the essential requirements of our Values, which apply across the Glencore Group.

Glencore expects all operations to maintain a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance. This compliance program is fully integrated at Minara, including:


We will not knowingly assist any third party in breaching the law, or participate in any criminal, fraudulent or corrupt practice.  Through local, specialist compliance expertise we work with our people, contractors and suppliers, and community investment partners to build and maintain a culture of compliance.

Governance policies, including more information about Glencore’s governance framework, our Values and our Code of Conduct are available at Glencore’s governance pages.